Diaper Need
is Real.

Your support is greatly needed.

Discover more about diaper need and what The HopeLine is doing about it.

We are a hopeline for thousands of New York City residents working to build a better life.

We intervene in the cycle of poverty, helping our families and individuals meet their basic needs when they need it most. We cannot do this without your support.

Now more than ever
we need volunteers to
help us keep up with diaper demand.

For our families and individuals in New York City

we provide the following services:

in English and Español, and some French

Our mission is to intervene in the cycle of poverty by meeting the basic needs of vulnerable families and help empower those living in the Bronx to become more self-sufficient and upwardly mobile.

There are over 420,000 children living in poverty in NYC.

We can always be doing more with your support.


Household visits each month


Diapers distributed at 30,000 per month average today


Pounds of food distributed each month


Refunds found

Updated June 2024

The HopeLine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to helping empower families in the Bronx. All donations are tax-deductible. More information about our organization available on GuideStar.

Special Thanks to Our Partners