2 Millionth Diaper Distributed

On Tuesday, April 16, The HopeLine in the South Bronx will gave out its 2 millionth diaper. Yes, you read that right…2,000,000 diapers. That’s over the course of 9 years, having served thousands of families. As they mark this milestone, they are bringing awareness to their accomplishment while also pointing out the growing need.

“When we first started out, we were so happy to receive a thousand diapers that we could give to our moms,” says The HopeLine’s Executive Director Maria Cintron. “Looking back, it’s insane to think how little that is! Today, the need is so great in New York City and there are so few programs that we are having to turn away people on a regular basis. It breaks my heart. But I’m not giving up on them!”

In 2015, Cintron realized one day that their food pantry could be doing more to help moms in New York City. The high cost of diapers was making it a struggle for thousands of families, with some forgoing food in order to keep their babies dry.

Today, nearly half of all families in the US struggle with diaper need. It has quickly become a vastly overlooked issue that’s leaving millions of families always on edge over something as simple as making sure their babies don’t sit in soiled diapers.

What is in our minds each and every day that we do this work is the idea that we can be doing more and we should be doing more,” says Cintron. “I have made it my mission to do whatever it takes to find more funders, partners, and donors who can help us chip away at this issue quicker than we are currently.”

While there’s no rest for the weary, The HopeLine is taking this moment to recognize 2,000,000 diapers distributed—then it’s back to the work of keeping the mission on track.

The HopeLine is one of the few remaining diaper programs in New York, distributing 7,000-10,000 diapers per week. It’s a daunting task that requires not only thousands of donations, but many hours of staff time to ensure each mom receives the exact diaper size they need for their children. Not a small feat, especially when you consider that their Food Insecurity Program is also going strong.

If you would like to learn more, make a donation, or get involved, please head to TheHopeLine.org/donate.

Diaper Need
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