Are you or a loved one facing financial and health hardships due to the lack of diapers?

We’re here to help.

Keeping infants and toddlers clean, dry, and healthy is key to building a solid foundation for all children to reach their full potential.

Did You Know?

Diapers can cost an average of $80 per month per child.

Fact: 1 in 3 low-income US families struggle to pay for diapers.

Government assistance programs in New York State: 0

Remember: Leaving your child in soiled diapers for long periods of time can lead to skin rashes and urinary tract infections.

To qualify you must:

  • Have a child 2 years and younger who resides with you (including expecting moms with other children)
  • Live in the New York City area
  • Receive WIC and/or SNAP (food stamps)

What to Bring

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of address (no more than 90 days old-electricity bill/light bill/doctors letter/note with client’s name and address)
  • Birth certificate(s) for baby or hospital discharge papers for newborn
  • WIC or Food Stamps/SNAP proof
  • WIC Proof-WIC app on cellphone or WIC card with a letter/note from WIC office
  • Food stamps Proof-Recent budget letter
  • Shopping cart and/or bags 

Expectant Moms Program

We now offer newborn diaper packs to moms who are expecting another child. This helps bring comfort and security knowing that even before they have their baby, they can clean fresh diapers.

Note: You must provide a sonogram or official doctor’s note as one-time proof.

Over 2 Million Dry Bottoms

Over the lifetime of the diaper program, we have gone from providing an average of 2,000 diapers a month to over 35,000 monthly.

Many families struggle to provide a full month’s worth of diapers to their young children. The stress for the parents can be overwhelming financially and emotionally. When parents cannot afford diapers the children may not get diapered a sufficient amount and the health risks for them are higher. Through this program, families can slowly start to improve their financial stability and the health needs of their young ones.

In 2015 The HopeLine Executive Director Maria Cintron created the first Bronx diaper distribution program as an extension of the Food Pantry. She learned, almost immediately, that when people come to The HopeLine for food there are usually other needs they have. Learning about the needs of families with young children, diapers was the number one need outside of food. Parents complained that they had to actually make decisions to either buy food or diapers when money was low. To face such a decision and to actually have to make it knowing it will affect the well-being propelled this program into action. Starting with a $1,000 donation the Diaper Center has grown from providing 2000 diapers a month to now close to 30,000.

Beyond Diapers

In 2016 we added access to our food pantry to our families with infants.

When our families come to The HopeLine for diapers, they are also given household groceries and may also take home any available donated children’s clothing, shoes, toys, equipment, and furniture (such as strollers and pack-and-plays).

In 2020 The HopeLine began providing feminine products to our moms with newborns.

In 2021 we introduced an extension to our diaper program that provides baby formula to moms with children under 1.